From Emma's Embrace to It's Our Day

Jenny Marsh

29 February 2020

Emma’s Embrace was founded in November 2018 in memory of Emma Harriet Kirk, a kind, intelligent and courageous young woman. She fought for good; she strived to make a difference in this world.

The charity set out to understand why so many young people today are reporting poor mental heath. In doing so, over the last 12 months, we have spoken to hundreds of young people, all without fail, have told us that when they attempt to explain the reasons behind their anxiety and what it is they are struggling with, all too often this falls on deaf ears and the response they get is:

“What have you got to be worried about, back in my day…”

Our response to that is: 'It is not 1980 anymore, what worked for you in your day will not work today, because the challenges and pressures a young person faced in your day are so far removed from those faced by young people in today’s modern world.

It's not your day anymore:


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