Breakfast Club

Jenny Marsh

2 March 2020

We know that many students report feeling lonely or homesick, especially at the weekend, so we wanted to do something to help. Prevention is one of our core values, as we understand how important it is to our physical and mental wellbeing. Our aim when we started the Breakfast Club was to establish a place that students could socialise that didn’t cost a lot or involve alcohol. We opened the doors of the Student Breakfast Club in October 2019 and we have been at the Cardigan Centre in Headingley every Saturday afternoon since. The club is run entirely by volunteers who vary in age from current students to parents and grandparents.

For the first few weeks we went out onto the street and invited students in for a breakfast sandwich, as word spread, the number of students coming to Breakfast Club grew. We now welcome over a hundred students a week! It is fair to say that the Breakfast Club is even better than we imagined, students tell us they look forward to coming and the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, students come to meet their friends, make new friends, play board games, listen to music, and of course enjoy lots of lovely food. It is also a perfect opportunity to share advice and information about ways to protect our mental wellbeing.

Please read below some of the feedback we have received from students who have visited the Breakfast Club:

“From being here today I have felt very comfortable and feel like if I ever felt down, sad, wanted to speak I would feel very confident about coming here. I think this charity will be so beneficial to all years at University and will help in so many ways, Thank you so much“

“Amazing service, It’s lovely to know that there are people out there to support you. Sometimes Uni can be a very isolating place. and its lovely to know you’re not alone. Amazing to feel part of a community. THANK YOU”

“ I look forward to it every week. Feel looked after and like someone is always around for a chat”.

“Such an amazing way to bring students and the local community together out of uni. Settings - it’s a nice break from the library”.

It’s our community and…It’s Our Day.

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