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It's Our Day is a charity set up to hear and listen to the voice of the young.

We are striving to understand the reasons why so many young people are reporting poor mental health and identify ways to address the causes, whatever they are.

It seeks to understand what pressures young people are under, the challenges they face and the stress this brings.

We live in a time different to any other we have experienced before. New technology, high costs of living and education and uncertain job security are just a few issues that young people face today.

We can’t let our young people go without support anymore.

It's Our Day is changing the face of how we talk to and listen to young people. 

OUR VISION is a society that nurtures young people, enhances their self-esteem, and places their emotional wellbeing at the forefront of every educationally related policy decision.

OUR MISSION is to understand and raise awareness about the current pressures facing today’s young people to bring about a better understanding of how to prevent them from developing long-term mental health needs. It’s Our Day will campaign for increased social, professional, and political awareness of the importance of Primary Prevention.


It takes a village to raise a child.


of mental health problems are established by the time someone is 18 years old.

YouGov Mental Health Awareness, 2019
75% of mental health problems are established by the time someone is 18 years old.

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